The hair transplant with the FUE technique is the most requested hair transplant in our hair clinic in Shalimar Bagh. The hair transplant with the FUE technique (Follicular Extraction Unit) is the most advanced hair transplant to treat baldness and alopecia in both men and women.

What is the FUE technique?

We can define the hair transplant with the FUE technique as the capillary micrograft technique for a systematic redistribution of the hair follicles that consists of the introduction of small scalp grafts with the so-called “follicular units” (groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hair follicles as determined naturally). We can summarize it follicle by follicle.

These grafts are obtained under local anesthesia from the posterior and/or lateral area of ​​the scalp (what we call donor areas) and, after carefully preparing them under the microscope, they are carefully introduced through microincisions in the bald or alopecic areas, with little hair, that would evolve towards baldness (that is, the receptor areas).

Can the hair fall out again?

By obtaining the grafts from the posterior and lateral areas of the head, genetically programmed to grow throughout life as they have hormonal receptors that are not affected by enzyme hyperactivity, it is achieved that once grafted in other areas they do not fall and continue to grow normally.

Am I a good candidate to treat my baldness with a hair transplant with the FUE technique?

Yes if you meet the following parameters:

  • You suffer limited and controlled hair loss.
  • You suffer from scarring alopecia of little extension.
  • You want to wear your hair short and prefer to avoid the linear scar.
  • Your initial donor areas are low density.
  • You want to hide scars from previous transplants.

In the case of not complying with these parameters, there is another consolidated technique known as the strip technique or FUSS technique. In this article we explain the differences between both capillary micrograft techniques.

What is the main advantage of FUE hair transplant?

As for optimal results, if they are in the hands of specialists, there are no differences in results. They can be equally extraordinary. However, as we have indicated above, the main advantage of the FUE technique over FUT is that it does not leave visible scars with the naked eye. On the other hand, by not removing strips, the donor area maintains its density. The process in general has a shorter postoperative period.

If you want to know more cases about this technique, we invite you to visit a sample of our portfolio of cases here, or if you want to know in more detail how cases are dealt with individually, on our blog we publish posts about before and after cases where our medical team tells the procedure.

At our hair clinic in Shalimar Bagh we can help you find out if the FUE Technique can be the treatment you need for baldness. Request an appointment in the form, call us or start your Hair Test.

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