Acne is the most common reason for a visit to a Dermatologist. Despite a variety of creams and antibiotics, acne scar tend to persist. Whereas acne is temporary, scars are permanent
There are different types of scars caused by acne.

They Can Be Classified As Follows:

  • Ice pick scars Deep pits which are the most common type and a classic sign of acne scarring.
  • Box car scars Angular scars that usually occur on the temple and cheeks, and can be either superficial or deep.
  • Rolling scarsthat give the skin a wave-like appearance.

The best approach is prevention and treatment of acne at an early stage to minimize the risk of permanent acne scar. In order to get rid of, or minimize acne scarring, acombination of treatments provides the best results.
At Bansal Skin & Smile Clinic we offer a range of treatments for acne & acne scar including

  • Chemical Peels
  • Subcision
  • Derma Roller
  • Fractional Laser

Often a combination of these treatments provides the best solution.

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